Mindset Run Club

Our Growth-Minset Run Club is an empowerment youth program dedicated to building youth’s character and helping strengthen them both mentally and physically.


We use running drills as a foundation that are intertwined with character building.



o   Power Words: How we talk about ourselves and define who we are.

Warm-up/Cool down: We prepare our bodies to run with a warm-up and prepare it to restore with a cool down.


o   Positive Thoughts: We are what we think we are.

Posture: Posture reflects attitude. Run Club Attitude: relaxed, light, positive feeling while running tall, controlled and looking forward.


o   Aggressive Goals: We dare to believe anything is possible.

 Pacing: Understand different pacing speeds and when to use each.


o   Personal Resilience: Setbacks are welcomed as an opportunity to grow.

Energy Direction: Keeping good running form will make your running more efficient so you can go faster for longer periods of time.


o   Teamwork: We can do together what we cannot do alone.

Speed vs. Endurance: Understand the difference between speed and endurance and how they work together.


o   Individual Integrity: We do the right thing. Even when no one is watching.

Stride: Understand stride, cadence and how they relate to speed. Be able to find the “just right” stride during different run speeds.


o   Community Vision: Our actions affect our community

Strength training: Running is a whole-body exercise and strength training is an important part of any running program.


o   New Beginnings: A finish line is just the beginning of a new journey

Putting it all together to feel amazing when on a run




Our curriculum has been proven and tested to be successful across the nation for over five years to over 1,000 plus kids. We strongly believe that with our core principles, we will be able to plant a seed  that will allow them to not only push their limits but know with every word they use comes a reality, and ultimately they have the will and power to strive towards what they choose with confidence.